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5 ways to make your summer easy-peasy for you and the kids

by | Jul 1, 2019 | Parenting

We’ve got some hassle-free ways for you and your kids to have more fun this summer. And we’re offering buzz cuts for only $10 this month so they can have fun without you having to worry about their hair.

Oh, July. That time when the magic of summer begins to wear off and you start finding your kids lounging around the house instead of playing outside. As parents, we have a lot of pressure to occupy our children for three whole months of the year. But, let’s face it—despite our best intentions, none of us have the energy to come up with elaborate activities every day.

We don’t want you to get bogged down trying to come up with things to do. After all, summer should be a hassle-free time to relax and have fun. So we’ve come up with a few simple, stress-free summer activities for you.

1. Go to the park.

We’ll never get tired of this classic way to entertain our kids. What’s better than unstructured time for them to run free and burn off their energy? The great thing about going to the park is that you don’t have to plan out every minute of your time there, but if the park is part of your routine, you can incorporate new activities to mix things up. Pack a picnic lunch or bring a kite to fly. You can go bird watching or play with sidewalk chalk (which usually involves way less cleanup than most art projects). The possibilities are endless.

2. Plant a vegetable garden.

This is a great activity that will keep your kids occupied and learning throughout the summer. You and your child can pick out seeds together, and they’ll love the opportunity to dig in the dirt while planting them. You might work in a lesson about photosynthesis as well. Your kids can continue checking on and watering the plants over the next few months, and when it’s time to harvest, they’ll be encouraged to eat some veggies that they may normally resist.

And if you don’t know much about gardening, we want to give a #KidSnipsShoutout to City Grange Garden Center, a new urban garden center that can certainly help. They hold gardening events and their staff can show you the vegetable planting ropes. They’re a great resource and would be happy to help.

3. Go on a photo walk.

Let’s put away our devices for this one so you and your child can be immersed in nature without the distraction of Instagram or YouTube. Buy a disposable camera and go for a slow walk around the city, park, or neighborhood. Ask your child to look for things that are pretty or interesting and take photos of them. You can even take pictures of each other. When you’ve used up all your film, get your photos developed. Then spend some time looking through them together and remembering the fun day you had. You can even make some low-cost prints from Artifact Uprising or let your child print one large engineer print from Parabo Press to hang in their bedroom.

4. Camp in your backyard.

Camping with little ones can involve a lot of planning and preparation. For an easier outdoor adventure, try setting up camp in your own backyard for a night. If you have small children, it’s a good way for them to get a taste of what camping is like without all the trouble of, well, actually camping. You can make s’mores over the stove, tell spooky stories, and hunt for bugs. Best of all, everyone can use the indoor bathroom and changing table.

If you want your “camping” to be even more extreme, try going on a night hike. Another #KidSnipsShoutout goes to Thorn Creek Woods Nature Preserve. They’re hosting a free, all-ages Sounds of Insects Night Hike on July 14 and a Fireflies Night Hike on July 28.

5. Get a buzz cut.

If you want to make your summer even easier, come into KidSnips for a $10 buzz cut. It’s a great way to avoid hair hassles, and it’s an adventurous—and maybe a little rebellious—haircut for your child that will make them feel all grown up. Just be sure to prep your little ones for the buzzing of the clippers if they’ve only had scissor cuts before. They’ll leave looking super cool.

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Note: Offer applies to buzz cuts only and cannot be applied to scissor cuts. Offer valid from July 1–31, 2019. Not valid with any other offers.

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