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Hair trends

Pink Hair Can Show You Care

Chances are you may know someone. Your sister. Your friend. Your mother. Your neighbor. Perhaps even yourself. There are few of us who haven’t been touched by Breast Cancer. This year alone there will be an estimated 266,000 additional cases of breast cancer...

Panic at the Disco: How am I Going to Wear My Hair?

If your family is anything like mine, then you’re probably on the cusp of fall school dance season. You remember waited by the phone or at your locker for that one guy to ask you to the Fall Fling or Homecoming. These days the invitations come in the form of...

Vintage Dress-Up Ideas

When you are young playing dress up never gets old. At the Bonpoint Paris fashion show, these little models walked the runway in adorable vintage couture. Enjoy these classic looks:  

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