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Cradle Cap

Cradle cap. Not as cute as it sounds.

“Cradle cap” sounds kind of cute, but it might not be your baby’s best look. Cradle cap is essentially a form of eczema that causes white and yellow scaly or flaky patches on an infant’s scalp. 

The good news about cradle cap? There’s actually lots of good news. Cradle cap isn’t a big deal. In fact, it’s pretty common for newborns to experience this condition, and it doesn’t cause them discomfort or pain. It isn’t contagious, either, and it will usually go away naturally when your baby is around three months old. 

There are some at-home remedies you can use at bath time to clear up your child’s scalp. An hour before washing their hair, rub their scalp with baby oil. When it’s time for their bath, wet their scalp and then use a washcloth or soft bristle brush to gently remove the flaking skin. Proceed with your normal bath time routine.

KidSnips offers a baby-friendly shampoo for sensitive scalps. Stop by today for help treating your infant’s cradle cap.

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