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Dandruff?  Yes, kids get it, too.

Having dandruff is never fun—especially for kids and teenagers. If your child has dandruff, reassure them that this doesn’t mean they’re dirty—in fact, dandruff is sometimes caused by showering too much. There are a number of other factors believed to cause dandruff, like skin drying out in the winter (which us Chicagoans are all too familiar with), using hair products that cause your skin to react badly, or skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis.

Dandruff can become itchy and bothersome over time, so it’s important to treat it as soon as you notice it. Mild dandruff can be treated by cleansing regularly with a gentle shampoo. More complicated cases may require medicated shampoos and conditioners.

Be sure to explain proper cleansing techniques to your child. When your child cleans their hair, they should massage shampoo into a lather with their fingertips—not their nails, which may irritate their scalp. Be sure that they rinse, thoroughly, too, so no residue is left in their hair or on their scalp. When it comes to conditioning, kids sometimes think they need to apply conditioner to their entire head, but they really only need to condition the ends of their hair. 

Stop by KidSnips for help selecting the right shampoo for your child’s needs. We’ve got all kinds of products in stock, and our stylists can give you some pointers to help your child get rid of their dandruff.

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