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Tangled hair? We don’t care!

If your child has long hair, you’ve probably spent a morning or two (or ten… or every morning) trying to comb knots out of their hair. Dealing with tangled hair is a pain for both children and their parents, and no matter how many times you finally get their hair detangled… the knots always seem to come back.

At KidSnips, we offer detangling sessions for even the most difficult head of hair. Our stylists are pros at gentle detangling without all the pulling and tugging, and if your child starts to feel any discomfort during their appointment, they can take as many breaks as they need. Kids can also choose a movie to watch or video game to play so they have something to focus on during the session.

We use a variety of hair products and tools that make the detangling process easier, and you can purchase these products to use at home.

Call KidSnips today to schedule your detangling session or get product recommendations from our expert stylists.

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