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Haircare Products

We take care of your kids’ hair. Like we take care of our own kids’ hair.

As a mom-owned hair salon, we know how much you care about what goes onto your kids’ hair. Like you, we want our kids’ hair to look good and feel good. We also want to be sure that everything we put on their hair and scalp and skin is safe, non-toxic, cruelty free…all in all, as human- and animal-friendly as possible.

That’s why we’ve tried a lot of products and narrowed them down to just the ones we like best. 

So, whether it’s shampoo or conditioner, gel or mousse, detangler or swim-repair, the carefully-curated products our stylists use – and the only ones we sell at KidSnips – are kid-loving and parent-approved. 

It’s another way we’re keeping it safe…and fun…for everyone at KidSnips

The Classic Collection is our go to. Without parabens and phthalates, also without lavender and tea-tree oil (which have been linked to hormone disruption in children). Vegan and cruelty-free, each product is individually tested as non-toxic, safe, and effective. With nourishing extracts from fruits, vegetables and flowers, it’s great for the whole family. Look for these in our stylists’ hands and on our shelves. (BTW, the Miracle Detangler is a must have for fewer morning hair hassles!)

  • Classic Shampoo
  • Classic Deep Conditioner
  • Classic Leave in Conditioner
  • Classic Hair & Body Babywash
  • Classic Curl Calmer
  • Classic Hair Gel
  • Classic Styling Balm
  • Classic Miracle Detangler

Created especially for boys (and men), not only do Johnny B hair products work well to help get the fun looks kids want, their products are safe and alcohol free which means they can be used every day without damaging hair. 

Whether you want to add shine or texture, or just better hold, these are products we trust. Our salons carry a good selection of their best styling products including Dope Texture Gel, Mode Styling Gel, Fuddy Matte Gel.

Life can be hard on a kid’s hair. (It’s hard on adult hair too!) That’s why we carry this line. Malibu C’s hair wellness products work…swimmingly! And not just for swimmers – they’re helpful whether you’re dealing with chlorine and copper from pools, or other “malicious minerals” hanging out in your water. And instead of using harsh chemicals, these products are vegan, plant-based, eco-friendly and cruelty-free.  

  • Swimmers Shampoo 
  • Swimmers Conditioner
  • Hard Water Wellness Shampoo 
  • Hard Water Wellness Conditioner
  • Scalp Wellness Shampoo
  • Scalp Wellness Conditioner

Lice happens. To the best of us. And as much as you want to get those unwelcome guests gone, you want to be kind to your child’s hair and skin while doing it. Enter LiceLogic. Vegan, made of plant- and mineral-derived formulas that really work. No harsh chemicals. Or nasty smell. Cruelty free and made in the USA. Yay!

  • Repel Conditioning Shampoo
  • Repel Conditioner
  • Repel Conditioning Hair Spray

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