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The hottest kids’ hair trends for going back to school in style.

by | Jul 29, 2019 | Hair trends

It’s time for the kids to go back to school, so why not send them off in style? At KidSnips, we offer awesome hairstyles for every little (and big) personality.

The weeks before school starts can be super exciting… and a little nerve-wracking, too. The start of a new school year is a fresh start for kids, with a new classroom, new teachers, and a chance to sport a new look. And if they’re not sure exactly what their new look is yet? No problem. Here at KidSnips, we’ve got tons of awesome ideas to help make sure they look and feel cool when they go back to school. Here are some of the favorite styles for 2019 we’re loving:

Style #1: Burst Fade

Short on the sides and shaved to a point, the burst fade is kind of like a modified Mohawk. So if your child wants a true Mohawk, but you’re not quite ready to make the leap… the burst fade is a great way to go. (And as this look grows out it can begin to look a little like a mullet. And yes, the 80s mullet may be heading back in a big way. Time to break out the Rod Stewart albums again…)

Style #2: Bang, Bang, Bangs!

Bangs are back—and they’re more awesome than ever. Full bangs are a great way to frame your little one’s face and highlight their eyes. We’re also seeing super short micro fringe bangs and even curtain bangs! Yes, curtain bangs, also known as Brigitte Bardot bangs, named after the French actress and icon of the 70s, are bangs parted down the middle, a little on the longer side, with wispy ends.

Style #3: Long Top with Undercut

Undercuts are so in right now. We keep their hair long on top and short on the sides. And it’s especially great with a hard part – a shaved line in the scalp that gives sharp definition and contrast. It’s something we’re seeing more and more. Inspired by soccer player haircuts, we think it’s very hip.

And we can even add awesome designs – hair graphics – on either (or both) sides.

Style #4: Edgy Asymmetrical Cut

If you’ve got a girl who isn’t into long hair, or a kid who wants to go for a bit more gender neutral look, or who just wants an easy style that’s also a bit edgy and cool, there’s the short asymmetrical cut. They are definitely hot right now. Some people even like to show off the lack of symmetry by coloring just one side.

Style #5: Dutch Braids

When you bring the kids in for their back to school haircut, you don’t have to stop with the cut. We can do all kinds of popular kids’ braids at KidSnips (and we offer private braiding lessons as well…just ask and we’ll set up an appointment for that…which you can come to, with or without your child). We really love the look of Dutch Braids, sometimes called Dragon Braids. With a hard part down the center, it’s a beautiful style for medium-length to long hair.

Style #6: Cute Buns

From elegant ballet buns to loose top-knots, buns are big and come in a variety of styles. Our favorite current bun trend? Space buns! Inspired a bit by Princess Lea of Star Wars and something that lots of folks were sporting at this year’s Coachella festival, we think they’re pretty darn adorable for girls of all ages. (Want to take it up a notch or two in fun-ness? Add some temporary color. So cool!)

Getting ready for back-to-school is a busy time for everyone—and it can get busy at KidSnips, too. So book your appointment now to make sure you can find a time that works best with your schedule. Check out our Stylebook as well for up-to-date hairstyles and inspiration. Then let us take care of your kid’s haircut… so you can keep checking all the other things off your back-to-school To Do List.

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