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Let Summer (and Summer Hair) Be All Kinds of Colorful

by | Jun 3, 2022 | Hair trends

It’s June—the month most of our kids wait for the entire school year! KidSnips is here to help you and your family celebrate all the vibrant colors of summer with some vibrant, safe (and TEMPORARY!) hair colors of your own. Read on for a few super fun ways to start this sunny season off easy peasy, breezy and bright.

While it’s true that June is the month most of our kids wait for, as parents, it can also be the beginning of some major stress. Did we sign them up for enough camps? The right camps? Too many camps? What can we plan for them to do with their friends besides video games?

How do we balance free time with activities that keep them engaged, connected, and confident? How do we invite more playfulness into their schedules and still keep their days creative and empowering? How do we help them express themselves with just the right amount of summer silliness?

Let Summer Go to Their Heads

Nothing helps us smile a little bigger than changing the way our hair looks. A new cut, a new style, OR a new color can make our day. And the same can be true for our kids!

As adults, we may think of coloring our hair as a long, expensive, and sometimes smelly process. And one that’s NOT kid-friendly.

But kid-friendly is what we’re all about at KidSnips, and we’ve gathered so many fantastic options for TEMPORARY (we can’t emphasize that word enough) hair colors for your children—and you—that summer might not be long enough to try them all.

Let’s start with two of our simplest and most wash-out-able choices:

  1. Hair chalk: Like its original inspiration, sidewalk chalk, it is SO easy to use that even our littlest ones can try it themselves! It’s less bright than the others, making it a perfect first choice for dipping a toe (or strand of hair) into the color game.
  2. Neon hair gel: We offer these gels in a rainbow of colors, which can be applied in a rainbow of colors too. Easy to use and easy to wash out, they are much brighter than the chalk.

Want to take it up a level? Try color spray in super bright colors. It’s simple to apply, but parents, you might need to take the lead on this for your younger ones. Pick one color or do multiple colors, one section of hair, or several. Let your kids be the stylists and choose!

And this just in—we have COLOR CHANGING SPRAY in three different colors, too. These are perfect when your kids want to make an extra big splash at a summer event. So send them out in the sun and watch the fun begin!

  1. Color number one goes on green and turns yellow with heat.
  2. Color number two goes on green and turns blue with heat.
  3. Color number three goes on purple and turns pink with heat.

All our chalks, gels, and sprays can be applied by our professional stylists or purchased at KidSnips and brought home to do yourself or for touch-ups. PRO TIP: Use color-safe shampoo to keep colors bright longer!

Maybe your child wants something that lasts just a little longer? We have the answer for that, too—color hair extensions made with human hair. What’s so important about human hair extensions? They can be treated like human hair—blow-dried, curled, shampooed, styled. The only thing the extensions need to be protected from is chlorine. It will simply make their color fade faster.

And last but not least, something that has become a rising trend for both high schoolers and young adults—hair tinsel! It’s pure fun. And it’s waterproof, which makes it swim-party perfect. Of course, when your little kids see the bigger kids doing it, they might want it too—and that is just fine. Summer hair color fun has no age restrictions. All our products are for all ages of customers!

BONUS: For a less temporary (but still temporary!) option, we offer fashion colors where you can bleach and then stain the hair at two of our salons—Deerfield and Lincoln Park.

A Colorful Answer to Summer’s Least Favorite Question: “I’m Bored. What Is There to Do?”

So, how can you turn these brilliant summer hair color possibilities into fun, creative summer activities? Here are two of our favorites:

Color of the week

Pick one color that everyone shares for a week. Is it a green week? Fuchsia week? Rainbow week? Everyone in the family gets a turn deciding what the hair color of the week will be for everyone—including us parents. After all, don’t we all secretly want a strand of fuchsia peeking out from our summer hair?

Backyard Salon

Why keep the color coolness to ourselves? Share the fun! Have your kids design and deliver handmade invitations to neighborhood friends to join them for a colorful day in the backyard.

  1. Grab some gels, chalks, and sprays from KidSnips
  2. Set up a lawn chair for “customers.”
  3. Have a hand mirror or standing mirror by the lawn chair.
  4. Serve matching color popsicles.
  5. Take lots of photos!

Take a few minutes to brainstorm with your kids other ways to make temporary (we had to get that word in one more time!) hair color one of the simplest, silliest and most stylish ways to celebrate summer.

Then, the second school’s out, head to your favorite KidSnips!

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