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How to Prepare your Little one for their First Haircut Appointment

by | Jan 26, 2016 | Parenting

Kids Haircut, Toddler Haircut
Getting your child’s first haircut can be an exciting experience, but it can also be challenging. You never know if your child will be full of smiles or tears.

Here are some great tips to prepare your child for their first haircut so you can increase the odds for a fun and tear-free outing!

Talk up the Haircut Beforehand:
In the days before the haircut discuss with your child that they are now such a big boy/girl that they are ready for a haircut just like Mommy and Daddy get. Make it a “mark of accomplishment” that they are old enough for this occasion. And talk about what will happen. Pretend to cut their hair with your fingers and a comb. And if your child may be needing clippers or trimmers during the cut, mention that too. Call them the “buzzy machine” or some other non-scary word and imitate the sound they make. Try taking them to your own hair appointment to make them comfortable with the process. You can even checkout the location the day before to show them what to expect the next day, or preview a haircut online. We have a tour set up on the KidSnips Website to help you walk through the steps. Check it out here:

Timing is Important:
We all have busy schedules, and sometimes it is impossible to find time to get to the grocery store, let alone get a haircut in. Pick a time that is best for your little one on their internal schedule. Try to avoid nap and snack times, anything that would really disrupt their day.

Make It Appealing, Make It Fun:
Try not to use the word “cut” it can be intimidating to the little ones so try to use “style” or “trim.” Sometimes the kids don’t want to wear the capes because having plastic draped around them isn’t ideal. Try using a make-believe scenario like they are super hero’s and ask the stylist to reverse the styling cape. Don’t forget to bring an extra shirt. Children can begin to associate haircuts with being itchy and uncomfortable, so having a change of clothes can be helpful.

For More information or Hair Tips check out our Hair Help page on the KidSnips Website:

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