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First Haircut

KidSnips makes first haircuts memorable.

Among the many “firsts” of childhood, the first haircut is one for the scrapbook. At KidSnips, we know how important this, so we want it to be a great experience in every way, from start to finish. We celebrate first-haircuts by creating a personalized certificate that has your child’s photo and a lock of hair for you to add to your baby book. All of this for the price of a regular kid’s haircut.

Make it a special day.

You can count on our stylists to make that first haircut a good one, because they’re specially trained even if your little ones are shy or scared or squirmy. Our staff knows when to blow bubbles, make goofy faces or be a calm, reassuring presence if that’s what’s needed. And of course, they can sit in your lap if that’s most comforting. We’ve done this before and we will do whatever it takes to help make this childhood first a memory you’ll really treasure.

Ready to bring them in for the big day? Here are a few tips to make that first haircut a success:

  • Talk about getting a haircut ahead of time and make it sound fun and exciting
  • Bring a favorite toy or blankie
  • Pick the right time of day – between mealtime and naptime is best so your child is not too tired or hungry
  • Let your child see you get a haircut first
  • Don’t over-stimulate the child
  • Have someone with you to take pictures in case your child wants to sit in your lap

What a great experience for my son’s first haircut! Kristin was great. She had a calming yet playful approach with my 18-month-old. She was quick and did a very nice job. Kristin was very patient yet efficient. She took pauses at just the right times. They had iPads, bubbles, and other items for distraction. At the end, my son received a first haircut certificate with locks of his hair and a picture with his new haircut. I would definitely recommend this place for young children. We were very pleased.

Korina S, Yelp

As a first-time mom, I was admittedly very nervous taking my very active 13-month-old son for his first haircut, but I knew I had to bite the bullet someday as his mop head is getting too rowdy and his hair was getting in the way of his vision. I was pleasantly surprised at how well he did. He loved the car/kid chair. Ms. Nikki was talking to him the whole time and had several tricks up her sleeves to deter his attention from the haircut. He got a first haircut certificate with his lock of hair and a new haircut photo. He was offered toys from the treasure chest and a lollipop, but I declined them as he was too young. In the end, I walked out with my now little man.

Lynn B, Yelp

My son got his first ever haircut here and the stylist was amazing! My son is a pretty active little guy that doesn’t like to sit for more than two minutes at a time. The stylist let him sit on my lap for the haircut and gave us an iPad filled with Disney Junior shows to watch! It worked perfectly and I may be biased, but my son looked so very handsome when the stylist was done!

Lyndsey A, Yelp

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