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Private Lessons

Private and group lessons at KidSnips

Are your kids constantly asking you to braid their hair, make it look fancy for their teddy bear tea party, or style it like the other kids in school? Or do you need to have ballet buns for dance recitals or gymnastics events? Even if you grew up doing your hair with your friends, chances are the hairstyles your kids are asking for aren’t the styles you learned to do growing up.

Private Lessons

If you have no idea how to style their hair or aren’t even sure what they’re asking for (since when is a fishtail a braid??), don’t sweat it! KidSnips offers private lessons so you can learn all the latest hair trends.

There are tons of different hairstyles we can teach you—whatever your child is asking for, we’ve probably done before. Ballet bun? You got it! Braids? We can do fishtail, heart, French, rope, Dutch, waterfall, and more. There are all kinds of gymnastics styles we can do for their next meet. Our stylists will walk you through it step-by-step and show you the techniques, tools and products so you can do it on your own. How easy is that?

We offer private, one-on-one lessons by appointment. Call your local KidSnips to book today.

Price: $45.00 for half hour private lesson

Group lessons

On occasion, we offer group braiding or updo lessons. Our stylists are very understanding that doing kids hair may NOT be your major skill or interest area and that’s OK… whatever skill level you’re at, we will move at your pace—no stress, we promise. And you can choose to come with or without your child. You might even learn some new tricks for your own hair.

Check with your local KidSnips to find out when the next one is coming up. Or, gather your friends and create your own group lesson. 

Price: $30.00 for an hour-long group lesson

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