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Swimmer’s Hair

Swimmer’s hair? Breathe easy.

Kids getting into the pool, the lake, the ocean…what’s not to love? Except perhaps what it can do to their hair. Swimming and hair aren’t always friends. Chlorine and other chemicals used to treat pools can turn hair a not-so-cute shade of green, and both chlorine and salt water can dry out your child’s darling locks. Let’s face it: if you’re flaunting beautiful beach waves, you’re probably not actually getting in the water.

Luckily, there are a few things you can do to prevent and treat swimmer’s hair. For kids with long hair, a tight braid with a leave-in conditioner can act as a barrier to keep water out. You can also try a swim cap or shower cap.

Your water activities shouldn’t be ruined by a hair disaster. If your child is experiencing dry or discolored hair, come in to KidSnips and pick up some of our clarifying products. Our stylists can help you choose the right treatment for your child—so they can get back to swimming in no time.

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