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What our super(hero) parents are saying:

What a great experience for my son’s first haircut! Kristin was great. She had a calming yet playful approach with my 18-month-old. She was quick and did a very nice job. Kristin was very patient yet efficient. She took pauses at just the right times. They had iPads, bubbles, and other items for distraction. At the end, my son received a first haircut certificate with locks of his hair and a picture with his new haircut. I would definitely recommend this place for young children. We were very pleased.

Korina S, Yelp

As a first-time mom, I was admittedly very nervous taking my very active 13-month-old son for his first haircut, but I knew I had to bite the bullet someday as his mop head is getting too rowdy and his hair was getting in the way of his vision. I was pleasantly surprised at how well he did. He loved the car/kid chair. Ms. Nikki was talking to him the whole time and had several tricks up her sleeves to deter his attention from the haircut. He got a first haircut certificate with his lock of hair and a new haircut photo. He was offered toys from the treasure chest and a lollipop, but I declined them as he was too young. In the end, I walked out with my now little man.

Lynn B, Yelp

My son got his first ever haircut here and the stylist was amazing! My son is a pretty active little guy that doesn’t like to sit for more than two minutes at a time. The stylist let him sit on my lap for the haircut and gave us an iPad filled with Disney Junior shows to watch! It worked perfectly and I may be biased, but my son looked so very handsome when the stylist was done!

Lyndsey A, Yelp

We had Kelsey as our hair stylist and she was AMAZING! My son has autism and this was our first time taking him to an actual hair salon. We were very nervous as to how he would do, but Kelsey was calm and patient the entire time. He ended up sitting on the floor on a play rug with some toys and an iPad to keep him distracted. Kelsey was able to very quickly and expertly cut his hair. He did not cry and only offered minimal resistance. Haircut itself was in the $20 range, and the toys were cheap so we were able to give my son a fun prize for doing such a good job. Will definitely be going back!

Heidi S, Yelp

Took my daughter for a haircut today. She had been growing it out for 6 months to donate to children who have lost their hair due to cancer treatments. The employees could not have been more kind during the process…  They also assigned her a wonderful stylist to give her a cut. Again, at no charge. The stylist did not rush—she took her time to make sure my daughter was happy. Oh, and did I mention the place was packed? Every chair was full, and a lot of people were waiting. But they were patient and took their time with her. They made a huge deal out of her donation and gave her a certificate for her donation. I will definitely be back, not just for a hair donation, but for haircuts for the kids, and maybe myself, too!
Note: they have a wonderful selection of toys, too! At reasonable prices!

Jory W, Yelp

I think this is a fantastic option for children. My son had a huge fear of haircuts, and they do a great job with that. I usually like the haircuts, and he has a great time. We’ve seen several of the stylists, and each really has a way with kids. I can’t imagine cutting hair while a toddler is moving around! Certainly some quirks, some wait time may be required… but there is plenty around to distract the kids. Lots of toys. Thank you for the service you provide!!!

Alex G, Yelp

I took my four-year-old daughter to KidSnips based off a referral from a moms group I belong to. I have been having a difficult time getting my daughter to sit still during haircuts, and it usually ends up in a bit of a tantrum. Taking her to KidSnips was a wonderful experience. She had her haircut with Mr. Todd. He was extremely kind and patient with my daughter. I was amazed at how well she behaved, and I love her haircut. My daughter has asked when we can go back and see Mr. Todd again. Thank you for making her experience so fun, Mr. Todd—we look forward to seeing you again soon!

Cathie C, Yelp

If I could give ten stars, I would. Valerie=Amazing. She fixed my son’s hair after my failed attempt at an at-home DIY YouTube haircut. She was so amazing. I did not have high hopes walking in, but we left so happy. My son cannot sit still. The hair we came in with was BAD, like really really bad. She was so sweet, super quick, and didn’t even flinch when my son moved once or twice (…it was actually the entire time). She really worked with him. I could tell immediately she knew what she was doing. My son thought his hair was the coolest. We left so happy, and my husband isn’t rolling his eyes at me because his son’s hair is fixed now. Thank you to Valerie, we will definitely be back.

Kristin M, Yelp

When we moved from North Carolina to North Chicago our two young boys were suffering from the fact that haircuts were lower on my priority list. I asked my new neighbors where to take them and they all said KidSnips. From the cars they sat in to the treasure they got after their cuts – they were thrilled. And I was too, their cuts were adorable, even with their fair white-blonde hair. KidSnips has also been a great resource for me for that last minute gift, they have educational toys and other options I haven’t seen at the usual big box stores. Haircuts AND toys? Win-win.

Marie P.

I have been happily getting my haircut from KidSnips for years, and love going there. Even though I am 62 years old I feel at home at KidSnips. Even my 20 something year old daughters approve of my hair styles. The stylists do a great job, its fast and easy to get an appointment on short notice and its fairly priced. Thanks KidSnips for making haircuts fun for everyone, even this guy who is a child at heart, but not in age.

Brad G.

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