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5 Kid-Friendly Staycation Ideas For You

by | Feb 26, 2019 | Parenting

A family staycation is a great idea, and we’ve put together a list of 5 great, fun-for-all
activities to prove it… including bringing your kids to KidSnips for ½ off kid’s cuts with the purchase of any adult cut.

We’ve all got that image in our minds of the perfect spring break. A beach with white sand and crystal-clear water. Lounge chairs under big umbrellas. Your smiling family in designer bathing suits.

The reality is… for most of us, this image of a sparkly, happy, tropical vacation is only a dream. An amazing, beautiful dream that brings tears to my eyes… but so was my childhood dream to be a lion tamer, and I think I can safely assume that dream would have only ended in disaster.

And who needs beaches anyway?

These days, traveling for spring break is becoming less and less normal. We’re busy families who work hard… and sometimes the added work of planning a vacation and traveling with our little ones is more exhausting than it’s worth. Staycations are becoming more popular than ever—and are sometimes even more relaxing than the insanity of a vacation.

So if you’re taking a staycation this spring break, just keep reminding yourself: Beaches aren’t the only thing (although they are a very good something). So if you’re not jetting off to someplace fabulous, don’t despair! You live in an amazing city that’s chock-full of activities to do as a family. So instead of joining your kids in moping around the house, why not make this week a staycation to remember?

We’ll help you get started. Here are our favorite family-friendly things to do in Chicago—out and about or at home!

1. Take a class

Just because school is out doesn’t mean your kids have to stop learning. From art to cooking to improv, there are tons of learning opportunities for your kids. You can even try something unique like circus training at Aloft Chicago or The Laboratory’s hands-on science workshops. Your kids definitely won’t be complaining about being sent to class.

2. Take a tour

Sure, you can wander Chicago’s many museums—but chances are, your kids have already been on at least one field trip to each of them. So why not try a more exciting tour? A donut tour through downtown or Wicker Park should hit the spot. Then, to burn off the sugar rush, you can create a scavenger hunt for your kids around the house or around the neighborhood!

3. Get some grub

You might not be fine dining this week, but you can still eat great food that your kids will love—and you can take this opportunity to shamelessly treat your inner child, too. (Don’t even try to tell me you don’t still love a piping hot bowl of mac and cheese.) We suggest Honey Butter Fried Chicken for the best comfort food. Or check out SafeHouse Chicago—a spy-themed restaurant with secret passages to explore. Or you can mix things up and spend the evening cooking dinner together—and let the kids choose what you make!

4. Volunteer

Exploring the city, eating good food, learning new things—it’s all valuable. But what your kids will probably remember most this week is time spent helping others. Volunteering exposes kids to life outside of their little world and teaches them empathy, compassion, and love. So spend an afternoon volunteering at your local soup kitchen or handing out care packages to the homeless. Chicago Cares is a great resource to find volunteer opportunities for you and your family.

5. Get things done

From a parent’s perspective, spring break isn’t all fun and games. We’ve got stuff to do—and a whole week to do it! But we also have our adorable yet errand-averse (to put it lightly) kids with us—and they’re expecting to be having fun on their spring break. Luckily, as we all know, parents are superheroes, which means we can run errands with our kids and have fun at the same time!

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