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The Benefits of Yoga for Children

by | Nov 29, 2017 | Parenting


In our over-scheduled, fast-paced world, our children have very little time to slow down and decompress. While they may like to relax in front of a screen, it may not be the best way for them to relieve stress.

Yoga is a low cost, helpful tool that can help kids hit the pause button and allow for time to reset. It engages the whole body and mind. It often forces participants to put aside their worries and concentrate on their balance and breathing. Experts say students with learning or behavioral issues can also benefit from this ancient practice.

Yoga can also help both boys and girls develop body awareness, increase a positive self image and build concentration. Some high school and college sports teams are incorporating it into their weekly practices, to help improve athlete’s flexibility and balance.

So how do you expose your child to this experience? Here are a few tips:

1. Look for classes in your local area. Some yoga studios offer parent/children and teen classes. Ask if your child can take a trial class to see what they think of yoga.
2. Go online and look for yoga class finders. One to consider:
3. Check out YouTube. There are lots of yoga classes for people of all ages
4. Check out Apps. Yoga for Kids, Yoga Studio and Yoga for Beginners are all ones to consider.

Yoga practitioners say they are calmer, stronger and more flexible as a result of their work on the mat. That’s something to consider as you weigh the options of whether to introduce yoga to your family. Namaste.

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