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Before the Go: Back to School

by | Aug 7, 2017 | Parenting

With the changing of the calendar from July to August many parents and children are starting to think about going back to school. That ritual means more than just getting a hair cut and purchasing back to school supplies. Here are some tips for getting your child school-ready:

Talk to your kids about getting back into a school routine. That may mean re-setting bedtimes to re-acclimate kids to a more school-friendly sleep schedule.

Figure out new school bus stops or carpool arrangements. Will the new year bring earlier or later pickups and new locations? Be prepared.

Email your child’s teacher to talk about any special needs, food allergies or willingness to help out the first days of school.

Encourage your children to reach out to friends they may have lost touch with or new potential friends in their home room. This could mean scheduling a small gathering to make the transition back into the classroom easier.

And talk with your kids about any concerns they may have about their new school year. They may have worries of which you are unaware.

Finally, schedule that back to school haircut so your child is looks good and will make a great first impression when they head back in a few weeks. Make that appointment and check out styles on our KidSnips website!

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