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Let your love shine for Valentine’s.

by | Feb 6, 2020 | Parenting

Four creative ways to show your heart for Valentine’s Day.

At KidSnips, we believe there’s no such thing as “too much love.” Having it…or showing it. That’s why we love February: A whole month of inspiration to let our love shine in all kinds of ways!

Cook up some love.

Confession: I am not a baker. But I have two heart-shaped cake pans that I have no idea how or when I got them. Love fairies? (That’s what I told my son when he was little.) Every time I pop cakes out of those pans, I smile, because not only am I getting ready to celebrate someone I love, they make me look like I really know what I’m doing in the kitchen! Homemade treats are a great way to spread the love, and they don’t have to be cooking show fancy. Here are some delicious ideas ranging from easy (No baking! No mixing!) to a little-more-complicated-but-totally-worth-it. Because there’s nothing better than time in the kitchen creating with your kids…except time in the kitchen eating what you’ve created with your kids.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Get crafty with your love.

Of course, food (do cookies count as food if they’re homemade?) isn’t the only way to say “I love you.” A homemade valentine is one that will be cherished forever. Just last week, we were going through a couple of drawers in my parents’ desk and there, in the top one, was a Valentine my son made for them when he was 3. It was made of multi-colored clay cut out with a heart-shaped cookie cutter with one yellow feather and a button stuck into the middle. And my parents beamed all over again as they did when he first handed it to them 9 years ago.

Store-bought cards can be beautiful, but they have nothing on a homemade Valentine. Here is a whole bunch of fun, clever and really unique ideas for Valentine’s your kids can make for friends, family, everyone.

LOVE BONUS: Now that you’ve made all those wonderful Valentine’s, a special outing to your local senior center to hand-deliver them will spread the love like nothing else. Simply check your local directory and call ahead to a senior center near you to schedule a visit.

A family-friendly Valentine’s date.

There is a lot of pressure on the perfect Valentine’s “date”, the right restaurant, the right table at the right restaurant…. But why not sidestep all of that and invite everyone to a family Valentine’s Day date home? Not as romantic but way more fun! Think scavenger hunts, mock-tails and getting all dressed up and heading to your own dining room where you are sure to get the best table in the house. Being with the ones you love is the most important part of this day after all, and there are so many ways to enjoy it. Check out this mom’s amazing list of Valentine’s dates.

Let love go to your head.

This month might be the perfect time to try out a heart braid at home. Here’s a video with step- by-step instructions. It’s a great way for you as a parent to show your love…and have a little uninterrupted, screen-free, one-on-one time with your child. Not sure you’re up for doing this at home? No worries. You can also make an appointment at your local KidSnips where one of our stylists can do it for you.

However you show your love this Valentine’s Day, know this: The love you give will come back to you a hundred fold every time. So love big. And be loved big back.

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