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Time together is the best gift of all.

by | Nov 14, 2019 | Parenting

The biggest smiles don’t always come from the biggest gifts.

This month we’re taking a look at an assortment of little ways to make the holidays memorable that don’t have anything to do with high-priced gifts. Our only requirements? They must be simple, joyful, and NOT stressful. And to help get even more happy happening, for every $30 you spend on toys now, we’ll gift you with a coupon for $5 off a full price haircut in 2020. 

Wrap it up

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I’ll never forget my mother teaching me how to curl ribbon, holding the scissors just the right way to make it spiral into a beautiful explosion of curls. I remember feeling very grown up…that she trusted me with the scissors, and with wrapping packages for all of our relatives. We sat next to each other on the floor with all kinds of paper and tape and hang tags and wrapped and talked and talked and wrapped while holiday music played in the background. Who knew wrapping a gift could be as much fun as unwrapping a gift? I wouldn’t have believed it if my mom hadn’t made it a point to teach me how. And even if your kids aren’t old enough to use scissors, there are all sorts of ways to get them involved in the decorating of the packages!

Beloved Recipes

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Every holiday, my grandma’s fudge was always the most amazing thing I ever tasted and I wonder now if part of the reason why was because she only made it once a year. And that made it beyond special. And even though she is no longer with us, come December when I pull out her old holiday cooking apron and put it on, my son knows it’s time to tell stories about holidays past and make that fudge. Passing down special recipes and cooking them with your kids gives you a chance to connect in ways that linger long after the last of the wrapping paper has been cleaned up. And when you make enough to gift to others (go ahead and double that recipe), that connection ripples even further, teaching your kids that the best gifts really don’t have anything to do with a price tag.

Friendly Neighbor Elf

Teaching kids that it’s as fun to give as it is to receive is even easier when you make it a game and maybe even give it a costume (Special hat, pointy shoes.) Got friends on their block? Neighbors who might be a little lonely during the holidays? A new family that just moved in? Have your child wrap up a small gift (a sparkly headband, a plate of cookies, a handmade decoration) and leave it on the porch with a note: “Happy holidays from your Friendly Neighborhood Elf.” After they drop it on the doorstop have them ring the bell and run away, hiding in a spot where they can watch the expression on the face of the receiver as they realize they’ve just been gifted by an elf!

Dressing up and getting your hair done for the holidays can be a great tradition too and we have a wonderful selection of sparkly and fancy headbands to go with any holiday outfit, as well as a wonderful “toy shop” of carefully selected little giftables that will put a smile on anyone’s face…especially if they’ve been delivered by a friendly neighborhood elf. And right now, with every $30 you spend on toys, you’ll receive a $5 off coupon for any full-price haircut at KidSnips in the new year –  that includes kids haircutsteens & adult haircuts even first haircuts!

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