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Tracking Your Children

by | Sep 15, 2017 | Parenting

As parents, we worry about the safety of our children. When our kids are older and become more independent, it is harder to keep an eye on them when they are out of our homes. But technology can aid in our efforts to watch over our kids even when they aren’t by our side.

Smartphone Tracking
Your children may use their phones to SnapChat their friends or to watch their favorite YouTuber, but smartphones can also be utilized for more practical purposes. If you know your child’s password, you can track them by logging into their account and then using the Find My iPhone feature. If you don’t know their password, iPhone users can use the Find My Friend feature. To utilize this, you need to add your child’s email address. Once they share their location, you can easily track their whereabouts.

Wearable Devices
If your child doesn’t have a phone, you can use a wearable tracking device which can easily be hooked to a backpack or a shoelace. These products use geo-fencing to notify a parent if their child is somewhere they are not supposed to be. There are also watches that can provide similar tracking

Smart Door Locks
There are also smart locks that allow parents to know when their doors are opened and who opened them. Each child can be given their own security code to enter when they get home, so you know who is at your house and when they arrived.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 48% of two parent families, both the mother and father work out of the home full-time. This means children are, in many cases, being left to take care of themselves in the after school hours. Technology can help to make this period of time safer for children and less anxiety ridden for parents.

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