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Having an ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE makes every day more fun! Here’s how to do it.

by | Oct 18, 2019 | Parenting

We’re feeling grateful this month. And there are tons of ways that you can feel grateful, too — even when it’s difficult. One of those ways is to donate a clean, gently used coat to any KidSnips hair salon. We’re collecting coats for the Chicago Bears Coat Drive, and when you donate, we’ll give you a coupon for $5 off any toy or merchandise in our stores.

In our other blog post this month, we gave you some fun activities you can do with your kids to teach them gratitude — and the best way to teach your kids gratitude? Be a role model and don’t just tell them but also show them that you practice gratefulness. As fellow adults and parents, we know that life is a rollercoaster… and between taking care of the kids, getting things accomplished at work, and trying to care for yourself, too, some days feel like an uphill battle. So it’s important that parents take the time to practice gratitude — even if you just aim for a few minutes of reflection each day. Here are a few things you might consider trying out to begin your gratitude practice.

Keep a gratitude journal.

Gratitude journals are a quick and easy way to reflect on what you’re grateful for. Sometimes it can be difficult to feel grateful in the moment, especially when you’re feeling stressed, but gratitude journals allow you to reflect on the day after its over… and you might even be able to gain a new perspective and feel differently than how you felt in the midst of things. Try to come up with three things you’re grateful for every day and see how quickly your day-to-day attitude changes.

Meditate and reflect.

Even if you’re not very interested in spirituality, meditation has tons of benefits. It can reduce stress and rewire your brain so you feel happier. There are all kinds of different ways to meditate, and there’s really no “right” way to do it. Maybe you’ll choose to sit in complete silence or contemplate what you’re grateful for during your meditation time. If you’re new to meditation, the Headspace app will teach you the basics.

Say thanks… and mean it.

As adults, saying “thank you” has become such a regular part of our language that we often don’t think about what it means or feel the gratitude behind it. When you say “thanks” to someone for doing something for you, try to take a moment to reflect on why you’re actually thankful. What did that person do, and what does that mean for you? Maybe your child cleaned up their room, which is something you’ve been struggling to get them to do. And that means you see them growing and improving their behavior, which is definitely something to be thankful for. Whatever it is, when you thank someone, make sure you take the time to really appreciate their actions.

Give what you have to someone who needs it.

Giving to others is a great way to cultivate an attitude of gratitude. This month’s #KidSnipsShoutout goes to the Chicago Bears Coat Drive.  You can give back — and teach your kids gratitude, too — by bringing a used coat into KidSnips this month. We’re collecting clean, gently used coats to donate to the Chicago Bears Coat Drive and help families who need it. Plus, when you donate, we’ll give you a coupon good for $5 off any in-store toy or merchandise. You don’t even have to schedule a kid’s haircut to donate…just stop by anytime our stores are open. Because this month, we’re grateful for YOU — and we really mean it.

Note: Coat donations accepted October 20 – November 20, 2019. Acceptance of donations is up to the discretion of KidSnips. Coupon good for $5 off any in-store toys or merchandise. Coupon valid through March 1, 2020. Maximum three coupons per family. No haircut necessary. Not valid with any other offers.


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