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Help, my kid hates special occasions and dressing up—what do I do?

by | Apr 30, 2019 | Hair trends

Getting ready for your child’s big day, whether it’s their preschool graduation, bat mitzvah, or playing flower girl in Aunt Susie’s wedding, can be difficult. But we’ve got some ways to make it easier. Like bringing your kids in to KidSnips for $5 off a special occasion hairstyle (minimum $25 service).

It’s your child’s preschool graduation today—and you’ve got a game plan. You’ll wake your little one gently from their sleep; make a healthy, well-balanced breakfast; get them dressed in the outfit you bought specifically for today; and get out the door early. Your little princess or prince will glide into school and take their place with their classmates, while you snag seats in the front row.

But what actually happens is: your child refuses to get out of bed, and when they finally do get up, you end up chasing them around the house for an hour trying to get clothes on them. No gourmet breakfast for them. Back row seats for you.

If you’ve got a squirmy or strong-willed kid who hates getting dressed up and ready for big events—we understand. We’ve been there, too. So we put together some ideas to help make getting ready fun for your kids and easy for you.

Choose the best time of day.

You won’t always have full control over what time your kids need to start getting ready for the big event. But when you do, this is the first step (and maybe the most important) to make things run a little more smoothly. If the special occasion isn’t happening until the afternoon, get your kid dressed and ready at the point in the morning when they’re least grumpy. Maybe your child is happiest with a full belly, so you get them ready right after breakfast. Or maybe they need to play and burn some energy before hopping in the bath. Paying attention to your child’s needs and emotions will make getting ready a little easier for both of you.

Let them pick out their clothes.

When it’s time to get dressed, give your child the opportunity to choose what they wear. By this I don’t mean they should have full control to choose anything they want from their closet. But select 2 or 3 outfits beforehand that are appropriate for the big day, and then let your child wear whichever outfit they like best. Giving them some control over the process of getting ready will help them feel less like they’re being forced to get dressed and more like they’re choosing to dress themselves.

Give them something else to focus on.

Getting ready is always going to be easier if you can shift your child’s attention to something they enjoy. Maybe this means you give them their favorite toy to play with during bath time, or simply ask them to tell you all about what they’re most excited about today while you help them get dressed. You can even make a game out of getting ready.

For example, you can play getting ready hide-and-seek. Once you and your child have picked out the clothes they’ll be wearing, tell them that you’re going to go and hide. While you hide, your child needs to get dressed as quickly as they can and then find you. If you want to keep this game going every morning, you can time them and see if they can beat their getting-dressed record.

Bring them to KidSnips.

It’s hard enough getting ready without struggling with curling irons, braids, and bows. We’ll do their hair so you can sit back for one step of the getting-ready process. We’ve got all kinds of hairstyles for the big day, as well as fun chairs and iPads to make getting their hair done an enjoyable experience for your kids…and possibly the most relaxing moment you’ll have all day. Plus, they’ll get a special prize after their haircut. Your prize will be an adorable-looking offspring with minimal hair hassles for you.

This month, we’re offering $5 off any special occasion updo or braid (minimum $25 service). So come on in and let us help move the big day a little bit lower on the stress-o-meter.

Book your appointment at one of our 8 Chicagoland locations. Also, check out our Stylebook for up-to-date hairstyles and inspiration.

Note: Minimum $25 service. Offer valid through May 31, 2019. Not valid with any other offers.

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