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5 ways to create fabulous firsts – of all kinds.

by | Apr 30, 2019 | Parenting

Whether your child is graduating from preschool or it’s their first time as a flower girl—we’ve all got a lot going on this season. And we’ve got some ideas to help make the celebration special. Like bringing your kids to KidSnips for $5 off a special occasion hairstyle (minimum $25 service).

I remember my first ballet recital. I was 7 years old and had never been more excited. For months, I had spent every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon transforming into what I thought was an elegant and graceful dancer, nimbly prancing around on perfectly pointed toes (although anyone who saw my wobbly dancing probably would have described me more like human jello than a beautiful ballerina). On the night of the recital, I got all dressed up in my sparkly costume, ready to finally show off my moves to the world. And before I knew it, our class was ready to go on…and I was backstage puking.

Kindergarten graduations, bar or bat mitzvahs, weddings, recitals—there’s lots to be excited about in this busy time of year. But sometimes brand new experiences can also be a little scary for our kids. So whether your child takes the stage with confidence or is a little more like me—begging this cruel world for mercy every time I’m forced to do anything in front of an audience—we’ve got a few little things you can do to make them feel loved, celebrated, and comforted as they get ready for the big day.

1. Plan the day together

If the big day involves a party, let your child help you plan it. While they don’t have to be involved in every detail, give them some opportunities to make decisions. Should you bake a chocolate or red velvet cake? What games should we play? What music should we listen to? Giving your child a voice and some input into what the day will look like will both help them know what to expect and make them even more excited to celebrate.

2. Make a scrapbook

Ok, you might be scoffing at the thought of anyone who has time to sit around making scrapbooks—but trust me on this one. A scrapbook is a fun and interesting way to help prepare your child for the big day. In the scrapbook, you can outline a step-by-step plan of what the day will look like. Include details like, “We’ll be getting up and taking a bath.” “We’ll make sure we eat breakfast. What would you like for breakfast?” Then, give it to your child the day before the event, and walk through the day with them. After the event, you can add pictures to the scrapbook together and use it as an opportunity to talk about what your child liked about the day.

3. Relax–or burn some energy

You’ll have to plan this one depending on your child’s personality. But when the day of the big event arrives, it’s best not to pack it too full of activities. Designate the hour before you have to start getting ready, or the hour before guests arrive, as downtime. Maybe that means your child takes a nap or sits and reads by themselves. Or maybe that means you take your bundle of energy outside to run a few laps. Either way, be sure to give them some time to do what they need to do to feel comfortable before the celebration begins.

4. Post love notes

One of my favorite memories from childhood was the notes my mom would sometimes leave in my lunchbox. On test days, birthdays, or any day that was significant, I could be sure to find a little love note hidden underneath my PB&J. Notes are a great way to celebrate your child and the good things they’ve done—like saying something kind to their sibling or putting away the dishes. You can also use these notes to affirm specific behaviors that will help them during the big day. For example, “I love how patient you are when we have to wait for things to start” or “I love how polite you are when you meet new people.” You can leave a note in their lunchbox, like my mom did, or dig the post-its out of the junk drawer, write down some of the many reasons you love your little one, and post them somewhere they’ll see them (like their bedroom or the bathroom mirror). A little encouragement goes a long way to ease the big-event jitters or simply remind your child why they’re extra special.

5. Bring them into KidSnips

Want to make their special day even more fun for them—and easier for you? Bring your kids into KidSnips for a special occasion hairstyle. Our stylists are skilled in all sorts of braids (like heart and fishtail) and can also incorporate flowers, clips, or hairpieces into your style. It’ll make them look and feel special—and they might even get a prize after their haircut. Plus, we’re offering $5 off any braid or updo this month. So come celebrate with us (minimum $25 service).

Book your appointment at one of our 8 Chicagoland locations. Also, check out our Stylebook for up-to-date hairstyles and inspiration. Find out more about KidSnips here.

Note: Minimum $25 service. Offer valid through May 31, 2019. Not valid with any other offers.

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