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Let your kids’ personal style shine

by | May 30, 2019 | Parenting

Summer is the perfect time for you to help your kids develop their personal style. And we’ve got lots of ideas to help you do it—like bringing them into KidSnips for one free temporary color stripe with the purchase of any hair service.

Do you ever think back to your childhood summers? Most of us have specific memories of the exciting things we did over summer—maybe vacations or time at the beach. When I think of summer, I think of my family’s annual camping trip. We would go to a campground in Wisconsin and spend our days swimming, hiking, and having campfires—the usual camping stuff.

But recently I realized that while I spent a week every summer camping… I don’t even know what I did for the rest of the summer. It’s weird, right? My school days were so busy that I couldn’t wait for summer… but when it finally came, it only took a few days before I got bored.

You’ve probably seen this with your own children. On day one of summer break, they’re so excited to be out of school. But by day two they’re complaining that they have nothing to do. This schedule-free, plan-free time is really important, though—or it can be, if it’s spent wisely. These days of relaxation are an opportunity to help your kids develop their personal style. And we don’t just mean their hair and clothing (although we do have some ideas on that…). We mean their all-around style—like their interests and personality. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Hobbies & Interests

Sure, your kids will very likely complain of boredom this summer… but maybe it’s because they don’t know the options that are available to them. And I don’t mean the typical options parents present to their kids when they complain. (I can’t even tell you how many times my mom suggested cleaning my room when I whined about being bored. As if, mom!)

Take advantage of this free time to help your kids develop new interests and hobbies. You might give them a handful of summer camp and classes they could go to, like STEM camps, dance class, or robotics camp, and let them choose one or two (you can find plenty of options here). Maybe they’ll show interest in an art class or a cooking class—maybe even a photography class.

Or if they’re athletic, why not encourage them to try a new sport? If they don’t like it, the good news is it’s only a summer class, so it won’t last long. And it will teach them determination or responsibility or whatever it was my dad used to tell me when I wanted to quit every sport my parents ever signed me up for. (If your kids hate sports…). If your kid hates sports but needs physical activity, you could try going for daily walks or bike rides as a family. This more leisurely, less competitive option may be more appealing to your child while also keeping them active.

Personality & Character

Ok, this one is probably a no-brainer… but letting your kids sit in front of the TV or iPad is probably not the best use of their time. Summer is a great chance for them to continue developing their character and personality. If they want to play with their friends, let them. They’ll continue to grow their social skills outside of a school setting.

You might also encourage them to keep a journal. If they’re old enough, you can let them pick out whichever journal they like best and they can write in it daily or weekly. If they’re too little, maybe you’ll sit down with them every night and ask them which part of the day was the best and which part they didn’t like so much. Encouraging self-reflection at a young age will help them become more mindful rather than melting their brains in front of the TV screen (another scientifically proven fact courtesy of my parents).


I think the most fun part of developing your personal style… is developing your personal style. My mom used to take me shopping at the end of every summer, and it was not only a memorable bonding experience but also an opportunity for me to try on and discover different parts of my personality and style.

No need to go on a shopping spree, though. Maybe you could go to a thrift shop together and buy some items to play dress up with to encourage developing their imagination. Or at some point over the summer you could let your child pick out a new shirt for vacation or a new hat just because. And no matter how ugly their choice may be—just remember that someday you’ll look back on photos of these clothes and laugh. And then you can show the photos to their boyfriend or girlfriend and embarrass them, which is really the ultimate goal of most parents, anyway.


If you really want to have some styling fun, bring your kids into KidSnips for a new ‘do. Summer is a safer time to experiment with different hair cuts and styles (it will always grow back before fall), and they can try adding some color. Plus, during the month of June, we’re offering one temporary hair color stripe (made with hair chalk, gel, or spray) free with any hair service. Your child can pick out their favorite color and incorporate it into a new summer hairdo. And voila! They’ve got style.

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Note: One free hair color stripe per customer (temporary hair chalk, gel, or spray stripe). Reg. $2 each. Free with any hair service. Offer valid through June 30, 2019. Not valid with any other offers.

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