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Our List for 2022’s A++ Back to School Hairstyles for Kids and Teens

by | Aug 1, 2022 | Hair trends

It’s almost time for the kids to head back to school. And along with wondering how the summer could have gone SOOOO fast, you’re probably thinking about all the things you need to do to get your kids set to go.  One way to help them get ready…emotionally and stylishly… is with a cleaned up, fresh, fun new haircut. At KidSnips, we can’t make summer last forever, but we’ve definitely got back-to-school hair covered!

If you have kids, you’ve probably noticed – families have all kinds of back to school traditions to help ease the transition back to school books and school schedules, school shoes and school desks. Rituals like School-Supply Shopping Day, Back-to-School Special Breakfast, or First Day of School Photos. (BTW, the  first day photo has become quite a thing on social media. Check out the hashtag #firstdayofschool on Instagram if you have any doubt. It has close to 4 million posts!)

Getting a haircut or trying out a totally new hairstyle is also one of the most popular back to school traditions. It’s a great way to help kids feel confident and like they’re putting their best self forward on day one.. It’s also a way for them to establish their identity, or to make a fresh start. It’s a way of saying, “This is who I am going to be this year.” 

At KidSnips we’re not only on top of the latest and greatest looks kids are looking for, as a mom-owned and -run business, we also “get” kids and understand the importance of the right back-to-school hairstyle. As experienced and kid-loving stylists, we’re back-to-school hairstyling experts who’ve got your…and your kid’s…back.   

So what are some of the most popular looks these days? Here’s our list of the hottest hair trends for kids and teens for 2022.

1. The Modern Mullet

The mullet hairstyle is basically short, tapered hair on the sides with longer hair on top and in the back. You may remember the mullets John Travolta, Patrick Swayze and Rob Lowe sported during the 80s. Or possibly Ellen Degeneres’s when she went on the Johnny Carson Show as a young comedian.  It was also very popular with hockey players in the 80s and 90s. A mullet is, by the way, the look that inspired the familiar memes floating around the web with the headline:  “Business in the front…party in the back!”

Well, the mullet is still here, and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.  But it does keep being reinvented to feel fresh and modern. The modern mullet often has a fade or is undercut on the sides with short hair in the front and longer hair in the back. 

Some think singer Miley Cyrus was at the forefront of the mullet reboot in 2020, and though her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus was a mullet guy from way back, Miley’s mullet is a much more sleek and modern version of it. Mullets can be super cute on kids, sure to take “adorable” all the way to 11.

2. The Flow… AKA The Bro Flow

For every kid who’s more of a “go with the flow” type – or who’d like to be –  give The Flow a try. Some call the flow haircut a “cousin of the mullet” but it’s a bit more relaxed and loose than the mullet. It’s definitely a more natural look and requires very little upkeep. 

This is a look you may have noticed on actors like Bradley Cooper, Chris Hemsworth, and of course on the teen heartthrob, Timothée Chalamet. It works best with medium and longer hair, but it doesn’t matter if the hair is  straight, wavy, or curly.  

3. Shag with Curtain Bangs

Another popular style these days, back from its big-time popularity in the 70s – the shag haircut.  One of the nice things about the shag is that it works with a lot of different hair types – straight,  fine, thick, curly, long, medium or short.  It’s perfect if your kid is ready for something other than the ordinary…and wants to stand out a little more… in a good way, not in a “get sent to the principal’s office” way. A layered cut with feathered ends, the shag often comes with bangs. 

These days, curtain bangs are THE IT THING. Curtain bangs frame the face and they work with all kinds of shag lengths. The great thing about curtain bangs is that they aren’t a huge commitment to bangs – they are manageable for kids who aren’t going to spend a lot of time in the morning styling their hair, and are much easier to grow out. 

You may remember seeing singer Billie Eilish with this hairstyle. Last year she changed up her look, went blonde, and got the shag cut with long curtain bangs.

4. Taper Fade

A taper fade is a haircut that involves tapering down the hair on the back and sides so that it sort of fades out into the skin. The fade can start up high on the head, down really low or somewhere in the middle. 

One of the cool things about them is that the fades are only at the sides and back. On top, the hair can be practically anything – short, long, straight, curly, flat or even spiky. 

That gives kids a lot of options. With a taper fade some kids even like to add designs for a little extra.

5. The Bixie

Imagine a cross between the bob and the pixie (possibly with a dash of mullet thrown in just to keep things interesting) and what you’ve got is one of the on-trendiest hairstyles around these days, The Bixie. The bixie haircut started popping up a lot this past spring and lately it’s become even more popular. It feels a little more “done,” and makes more of a statement than the simple bob or pixie, but it’s not hard to manage for kids trying to get to the school bus on time. 

It definitely makes a nod to the 90s and the hairstyles of Cameron Dias and Meg Ryan but your kids might recognize the look as one they’ve seen on rising young actor (and activist) Rowan Blanchard.

6. Asymmetrical

An asymmetrical haircut is in some ways all about math. Because with this hairstyle, A B. Both sides are not equal. One side of your hair is cut longer than the other, which definitely gives this look an unexpected coolness. 

It works on lots of different lengths and textures of hair too. And your kids can pair it with various other styles – so they could get an asymmetrical pixie, or an asymmetrical bob. They could go for an asymmetrical lob (like a bob, except a longer version). Or an asymmetrical shag. Or even go for asymmetrical bangs. The possibilities are wide open. 

They can even add a shot of color to one side to take the look to the next level.

Getting ready for back-to-school doesn’t have to be stressful – or at least not TOTALLY stressful. Plan on some family activities (that could become yearly traditions) that help make it feel less stressful and more special. 

Oh and remember to book your hair appointment at KidSnips early to make sure you can find a time that works best with your schedule. We get busy this time of year too! Need some more inspiration? Check out our Stylebook.

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