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Quick Tips on How to Care for Kids’ Hair In Winter

by | Dec 30, 2021 | Hair help

Sad winter hair? Time to make it happy!

In Chicago, we know winter and we know how hard it can be on hair. Luckily in Chicago we also have KidSnips, and we know how to care for your kids’ winter hair. Cold weather? Dry air? They don’t have to get the best of us…in fact they can offer opportunities for new styles and options to really perk up even a “20 below zero” day. 

Read all about it in this blog we wrote a couple years ago, updated for 2022. 

As parents, we expect ourselves to have all of the answers. And our kids do too! That’s a lot of pressure. So as a mom myself, my first resolution of the new year is this: I will not feel guilty for not knowing everything and I will ask for as much support as I need! Fortunately, when it comes to taking care of our kids hair in the winter, there is a lot of support out there. 

So when I ran my fingers through my son’s hair and it felt more like hay than hair, I turned to Jill Jensen, KidSnips Hair Trend and Education Manager. She had so many great tips and product suggestions that I wanted to share them all with you here. 

Winter hair challenge #1? Fly away hair and hat head

No matter how great a hat you have – and wow, there are some great looking hats for kids out there – hat head and static happen. So, the first advice Jill offered, and I forget about this one every winter, is to add a humidifier or two to our home. I tend to pull it out only if my son is sick, but having it on all the time will go a long way toward keeping children’s hair (and ours!) less static-y. No more electric shocks!

Braiding can also help reduce static and “hat head” and just keep things easier all around. There are some great ideas here and here.

Jill also suggested putting a little dab of leave-in conditioner for girls and/or hair gel for boys to keep hair smooth and calm, hat after hat after hat. Johnny B styling balm is one of the brands she suggested that would be fun for my son to use and we can’t wait to try it.

Winter Hair Challenge #2: Dry hair and scalp (dandruff!)

Cue the humidifier. Again. (I’m getting it out tonight!) But what about shampoos and conditioners? Should I change what I use on my son’s head from season to season? Yes! Winter demands more of all of our care routines and I was happy to hear that the Original Sprout shampoo and conditioner KidSnips uses was originally founded by a new mom. I don’t know about you, but parent-created products are always high on my list. Who knows better how to handle a problem than another parent? These products have none of the “nasties” – chemicals and other ingredients that we just don’t want on our kid’s hair. Is tangled hair a problem in your house? The Miracle Detangler has your name on it! 

I’ve also heard from several other mom friends about how important it is to keep their black kids’ natural hair really moisturized during winter – to keep scalps healthy and avoid hair breakage. At KidSnips, Jill says they often use Moroccan Oil for this and some clients like to use coconut oil as well.  

Gels, balms, leave in conditioners, oils…all great ways to help you meet winter head on. Or should I say “hair on.” 

Winter Hair Challenge #3: Boredom

Whether you’re looking for kids haircuts, teen & adult haircuts or even first haircuts, a fresh cut is a great start to turn winter blah hair into winter WOW hair. And then of course, there’s color. If your kids have been asking for it and you have been putting it off, this may be the perfect time to give in and brighten things up! 

Here’s a great article full of information of the do’s and don’ts of putting temporary color on your child’s hair, and one mom’s successful experience doing just that.

That said, I’m a big believer in letting the professionals do what they do best. So booking an appointment at KidSnips and having the stylists do it will always be my favorite option! 

And thanks to my new year’s resolution, I don’t have to know it all, or do it all. I just have to know where to go for support. Knowing KidSnips stylists are ready and willing to answer all my questions, offer products, and even give me hands on techniques makes winter feel easier already. Feel the same way? Head to your favorite KidSnips today!

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