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They’ve got lice? We’ve got solutions.

We know the feeling. Itchy head, tiny specks in their hair…no, can it be…head lice?! Getting rid of those creepy, crawly things is definitely NOT a fun family activity, but don’t panic. You can do this—and we can help. 

Also, it’s important to know that it’s no one’s fault, and there’s no need to feel like a parenting failure if your child ends up with lice. So don’t feel bad…and try to help your child from feeling bad about it too. Hey, lice happens. And life goes on.

KidSnips is a LICE-FREE ZONE.

KidSnips follows state guidelines so we can’t do lice treatments or cut your child’s hair until both lice and nits are gone. We do offer lice treatment kits and lice prevention products, and our knowledgeable stylists will gladly talk you through the instructions and answer any of your questions. 

To ensure we remain a lice-free zone, we routinely screen everyone for lice before every haircut.

Lice screenings.

If you suspect your child might have lice, but you’re unsure, we recommend you watch this lice check video for step by step instructions you can do at home.

Or, if you want a professional lice check, schedule an appointment with us. For the price of a regular child’s haircut, our experienced stylists will do a thorough lice check, and they can show you how to check for lice, too.

Lice products.

When lice happens, you don’t want to spend time scouring stores for prevention products or waiting for treatment kits to be delivered from an online order. You want to get those annoying lice out of your home and your child’s hair ASAP. Luckily, KidSnips is your one stop shop for lice prevention and treatment products, such as Lice Detectives and Lice Solutions. And our stylists have seen it all — and they can tell you exactly how to use our products.

Lice resources.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is a great resource with tons of info about where lice come from, what to look for, and how to treat it. Take a look at their website for answers to your questions.

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