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Wigs for Kids: How you can Help!

by | Nov 19, 2018 | Parenting

We all want our kids to grow up being charitable, thinking of others before themselves. One way kids have found to give back, is to donate their hair for wigs for people who have medical issues. Some of the common reasons for medical hair loss include: chemotherapy, Alopecia and hair pulling disorder.

KidSnips has worked with the non-profit organization, Wigs for Kids for 5 years. For nearly four decades, this Ohio based company has provided Hair Replacement Systems for financially disadvantaged kids.

KidSnips is committed to make this a simple process for people who want to donate. Jill Jensen, manager of the Deerfield KidSnips location, offers this information if your child is thinking about donating their hair:

  • Wigs for Kids accepts a minimum of 12 inches of healthy, unprocessed hair.
  • Keep hair healthy by conditioning regularly, combing often, avoiding tangles/damage by braiding
  • Keep in mind, hair grows at the rate of about one quarter of an inch to an inch per month, so it could take a year to get the hair to a desirable length.

Jensen says haircuts are also an important part of the process: “I would trim it at a minimum of once every three months, just to keep it healthy. And it doesn’t have to be a lot, it can just be a dusting at the very ends”

Once the hair is at the desired length, schedule an appointment at any of our 8 KidsSnips locations in the Chicagoland area. Hair should be clean, dry and combed out. The stylist will then measure and cut the hair. KidSnips takes care of the shipping to Wigs for Kids and covers the cost of the haircut (weekdays only). It’s just that simple!

For more information on Wigs for Kids:

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