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Revitalize Your Child’s Hair: 3 Tips for Spring Cleaning and Styling with 2024’s Hottest Hair Trends

by | Feb 20, 2024 | Hair trends

Ah…Spring. The time in Chicago when even though it’s hard to believe winter will ever end, we start to act like it might (…it will, won’t it?).  We’re talking spring cleaning, baby! We’re talking time to spruce up that “been through the winter wringer” hair and try a fresh new style. It’s a way to tell winter you are SO DONE with it and a great way for you and your kids to head into warmer, brighter weather with a bang. Or even bangs!

Spring is often a time we start thinking about digging ourselves out of all the stuff that’s accumulated over the winter months when we were too cold to do anything other than just survive. So yeah, it could be a good time to organize that giant pile of hats and scarves and gloves and boots by the door – maybe even put some of them away until next winter, especially if you’re an overly optimistic person. You might want to tackle the garage grime or do a scrub of those windows you may be able to open again sometime soon-ish.

But, did you know it’s also a good time to spring clean your kid’s hair?

Winter can be really hard on kids’ hair but here are three great ways to bring some happy back into their hair in a hurry.

TIP #1. Get a haircut that gets high marks in Spring 2024’s hottest hair trends.

Nothing like a fresh style to help your kids feel like they are leaving the winter blues behind.

One that’s very popular right now from the littlest ones to teens – the tight clipper cut. They can sport a full curly top, with a tighter cut on the sides and nape of the neck. Yep, those curls have never looked better.

Another style we’re loving with tight sides and back – the long sweep. It’s a look that’s got an attitude, for sure.

Hair graphics are still a favorite… a fun way for kids to say, “I’m an original,” and a great way for you to help your wild child’s creativity shine.

Speaking of creativity, color hair extensions are SO happening. They can make a subtle statement (think one strand of color) or a bold one with multiple strands.

Curtain bangs, shag cuts, long layers, face framing – we talked about the popularity of these styles during back-to-school time. They are still super popular. 70s style is going so strong it might even be time to break out the glitter platform shoes (…or maybe not).

TIP #2. Clean your brushes or maybe even get a new one.

Brushes get dirty too. We all know this, but it’s often one of those things we try to ignore or tell ourselves it isn’t really all that bad. Because who wants to think about giving your hair brushes a good cleaning when getting the kids to take a bath and brush their teeth requires so much time and energy? (Short answer: none of us.)

However, word is we should be giving brushes and combs a thorough cleaning every two weeks. You can do this by simply pulling out as much excess hair from your brush as possible and then soaking them in a solution of 1 tsp. of baking powder and 1 tsp. of shampoo for 30 to 60 minutes. (And yes, your water will probably turn brown and you will wonder why you haven’t been cleaning your hairbrushes more often…) After the soaking you rinse them thoroughly in very warm to hot water and voila! Clean. The good news is, the brushes, unlike children, will not whine while you do this.

Another really smart option is to upgrade to a new brush – a great spring-cleaning treat for you and the kids. At KidSnips, we carry Dessata Brushes that are easy to clean, easy to grip, that make it very easy to style any short hair look.  And also easy to detangle both long and short hair. Easy is clearly the key word here. Plus, these brushes come in lots of fun colors and patterns.

TIP #3. Wash that gunk right out of their hair.

It’s always a good idea to change up the shampoo you use, now and again, to remove any build up that happens. This Spring might also be the perfect time to really degunkify your kid’s hair by making the switch to cleaner hair products – ones that are kinder to a kid’s scalp and skin and hair because they’re organic and non-toxic.  At KidSnips we are big fans of Original Sprout products as well as Malibu C. They are tried and true for kids’ hair. It’s what we use on our own kids’ hair, to be honest. 

At KidSnips, as a mom-owned and -run business, we care about your kids and their hair. We are a local business – not part of some national chain, so you can trust that our experienced and kid-loving stylists are here for you and your whole family – for all your spring hair cleaning needs – and any time. 

Speaking of any time…HAVE A FIRST HAIRCUT COMING UP?

We’d love to help you celebrate. When you come in for your child’s first haircut we’ll help make the day extra special by creating a personalized certificate that has your child’s photo and a lock of hair for you to add to your baby book. All of this for the price of a regular kid’s haircut. And yes, if you want to bring a few family members and friends to be a part of this special event, that’s great. Just let us know when you make your appointment.

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