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8 Totally Awesome Trends That’ll Take Your Kids Back to School Looking Cool and Confident.

by | Jul 28, 2023 | Hair trends

As summer winds down, you’re probably starting to think about getting your kids ready to head back to school.  Along with making sure they have the school supplies they need and the clothes and shoes that actually fit their body (which grew at least 3 inches over the summer…how is that even possible?) you may be thinking about booking that back-to-school haircut. Which is great. Because having good hair may matter more than you even realize. 

Have you ever had a good hair day and found yourself standing up a little taller? Smiling a little easier? Feeling a little more confident, or at least a little less shy? Well, if so, guess what? You’re not alone.

A study by researchers at Yale University found that “bad hair days” increase levels of both self-doubt and personal criticism. In another study researchers found that feeling good about your hair is linked to “confidence, health and feeling in control.”

This is true for kids too. Which means, that back-to-school haircut may be a bigger deal than just getting your kids’ split ends taken care of. It could help your child go back to school feeling a bit more empowered, confident and happy about who they are. 

At KidSnips we love helping your kids feel good about their hair (and about themselves) as they head into a new school year. And we’re ready to go – ready to give them the latest and most popular cuts and hairstyles for Fall 2023. So, what are the hottest looks for kids this year?

Here are some of the trends that our stylists are seeing these days.

1. Classic Fade, Bald Fade, Fade with Graphics

The Fade never grows old it seems. This year it’s getting updated to the Bald Fade – super bald in back. And the Classic Fade is still around, of course, taken up a notch with graphics like lightning bolts and lines… yes, creativity is the name of the game here.  And it’s a great way for your kids to fit in and stand out – at the same time.

2. Fairy Hair and Feathers

No, your child can’t actually be Tinkerbell (as much as they might want to be) but they can definitely get the look… with Fairy Hair. Check out #FairyHair on TikTok and you’ll see how obsessed people are with this trend. This look is created using hair tinsel which makes hair sparkly…twinkly. No, this isn’t hair glitter or glitter gel, but actual glitter strands tied into the hair. 

For those not ready for a full-on Fairy Fest, Feathers are also making a comeback. 

Whether your child goes for hair tinsel, or feathers, any of these options will help them express their whimsical, creative side. Which is always a plus.

3. Modern Mohawk

The Mohawk you may remember from your youth is back…with a few twists. A basic mohawk involves a narrow strip of spiky hair with shaved bald sides.  But these days there are many variations – you can pair a Mohawk with a taper fade or undercut on the sides. You can have a long, moppy mohawk, leave the longer hair on top wide and thick, or you can cut hair so it’s thin and concentrated in the middle. The good news is, the Mohawk can work with all kinds of different hair. 

Does it make a statement? Absolutely. Will you want some hair gel to keep the look as bold as possible? Definitely. We highly recommend Johnny B products – they work great for hold, and they’re safe and alcohol free which means they can be used every day without damaging hair.  That’s why we carry them in all seven of our stores.

4. The New Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs have been getting a lot of love for a while now. Kids (and their parents) like them because they provide a plenty of style without a ton of maintenance, frame the face nicely, and they don’t require a complete commitment to bangs, or to a lot of big-time styling in the morning. Plus, they’re easier to deal with when growing them out than traditional bangs. A long, layered cut with curtain bangs is a great choice, but curtain bangs work with a range of styles and textures and lengths. Curtain bangs look really great with high ponytails, too, a must-have for gym class and soccer practice.  

And when you get ready to grow out curtain bangs, it’s usually much easier to deal with than growing out traditional bangs. You can use some big, bright barrettes to pull back the bangs, whether the hair is hanging loose or in a high pony. Ask your KidSnips stylist for other ideas for how to style your curtain bangs when they’re growing out – we’ll be glad to share some tips and tricks.

5. High and Tight Hair

High and tight haircuts are getting plenty of attention these days. Inspired by the classic military cut, this look features skin-shaved sides and hair on top that’s a little longer. This simple polished hairstyle can work with a variety of hair textures, including curly hair. And a high and tight fade with a slick back top is a great look for young guys. A lot of pro athletes swear by this cut, because it’s neat and manageable and allows for a variety of styling options for the top. So, for kids who are involved in sports, this might be a winning choice.

6. Long 90s-inspired Layers

Yes, it’s 2023 but inspiration for one popular kids’ hairstyle is coming direct to us from the 90s. Think Cindy Crawford’s long, voluminous layers and you’ve got the look we’re talking about – a great cut with lots of long layers.  

Layers give medium length and long hair extra body and movement and they’re very easy to maintain. They work especially well with thick hair, wavy hair or curly hair too. Plus, they give kids a lot of options for styling and can be pulled back into a ponytail for sports (or that rare moment when you child does yard work). 

You can even pair long layers with curtain bangs, butterfly bangs or wispy bangs.  Or if your child is a big Taylor Swift fan they might want to do long layers with bangs that just graze the eyebrow.

7. Fun with color.

Color is always cool, but your child doesn’t have to go with a full-on hair dye to get the look they’re longing for. In fact, it’s often best to go with temporary color kinds of options with young kids since as we all know, they are prone to changing their minds – frequently and definitively. So, hair chalk? Yes, yes, yes! Hair gel and spray on color? Bring it on! All our chalks, gels, and sprays can be applied by our one of our stylists or you can buy them at KidSnips and bring them home to do yourself or for touch-ups. 

Another great option – color hair extensions, made with human hair. What’s great about these is that they can be treated like human hair, you can blow-dry them, curl them, shampoo and style them just like you’d do with any hair (but do try to protect them from chlorine which makes the color fade faster.) 

If your child is ready for a longer lasting, (but still not permanent) option, you can book an appointment for that at our Deerfield salon. 

The fun thing about color is that it can work with multiple hairstyles (purple mohawk, anyone?). And, whatever method or shade they choose, it’ll be sure to brighten their day, even one that includes a pop quiz in math.

8. That 50s Hair

The 1950s were a big time of change in American culture – a time when men’s hairstyles were influenced by both John Wayne AND James Dean, Elvis Presley AND Frank Sinatra. A lot of the styles of those years are coming back into fashion, reimagined for today. From smooth, slick and shiny pompadours to Flop style. The Hollywood flat top is also back mixed with a skin fade for a fresh take. We’ve also been doing a lot more custom scissor cuts inspired by the 50s and we’re loving the look.


We know that getting your child a fun, fresh, and fashionable haircut is just one of the many items on your mile-long checklist of Back-to-School to-dos. But it can make a big difference in how your kids feel about themselves as they slide into their new desk this month (hopefully one that doesn’t have gum stuck to the bottom…yet). So be sure to book that appointment at KidSnips soon! They’re going fast.

And by the way, you know what’s always in style? Donating hair to Wigs For Kids! KidSnips partners with Wigs For Kids to make hair donations to children experiencing hair loss from chemotherapy, radiation therapy, alopecia, trichotillomania, burns, and other medical causes.  If your child has a minimum of 12 inches of non-chemically processed hair they’d like to donate, get in touch – we only take these kinds of appointments on weekdays. Wigs For Kids donors pay the regular KidSnips haircut price and as a thank you, they get a $5 coupon for their next haircut.

If you need more ideas or inspiration for your child’s haircut, check out this blog about other recent hair trends and take a cruise through our online StyleBook. 

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