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Stay-At-Home hair fun…a great way to help your kids beat the pandemic blahs.

by | Sep 28, 2020 | Hair trends, Parenting

In these days of e-learning and not being able to go out and do all the things we all love doing, it can be hard on kids and parents alike. But maybe we can take a cue from those “school spirit days” when they would have wacky sock day or backwards day or school color day. It was a great way to break up the routine and break through the blahs. That can still happen even though school isn’t going on as usual. All you have to do is do it.  Talk to your kids and decide you’re going to do something special at least once a week this month…and let them help pick the themes.  Here are four ideas to get your creative juices flowing…with fun hair styles you can do at home to match, courtesy of our KidSnips stylists.

1. True Colors Day.

Here’s something you might not know. Un-boring colors are real mood boosters. Yep, there are scientific studies. But often times we end up living our lives in “practical colors” – like browns and blacks and grays and blues. But getting a little more colorful now and then could actually make you and the kids feel better. Bright color releases dopamine — known as the “feel-good hormone” — which not only improves moods, it can help your attention span…always a good idea when your kids are doing class online and you’re on your third Zoom meeting of the day.

So, declare a True Colors Day at your house and make this a day when everyone in the family can wear their brightest colors and they don’t have to worry about matching…anything. You can add some extra fun by doing some creative hair color too. Go wild with hair chalk or temporary hair color gel or even hair glitter.  Your kids might like to do a short, spiky hair look with bright streaks of color. Or they may want to go full-on frilly and add some hot-hued bows, barrettes and ribbons, oh my!

2. Movie Magic Day.

You know your kids have favorite movies (that you may be sick of, but they aren’t…) What if you planned a day around one of those favs as the theme of the day, complete with watching the movie together in the evening. You can let the kids dress up in the style of the movie all day long, maybe serve food related to the movie at night, and give them a hair style to match. (You may even want to get into character a bit yourself.) You’d be surprised how much it will perk up the mood of the youngest ones in your house if you show an interest in what they love. And, by the way if Frozen is their jam (um…and who doesn’t love Frozen?) here’s how to do the Frozen braid, to help make their look complete.

Check out our Frozen-inspired braid tutorial.

3. #FormalFriday

We’ve all been living in sweatpants and jeans and tees for…well…what seems like forever. Getting all dressed up and “going someplace nice” seems like a distant memory. But during quarantine, late night host Jimmy Kimmel and his family started celebrating #FormalFriday and frankly, it seemed pretty fun. Sometimes getting dressed up can give you something to look forward to and that’s an immediate spirit booster. And it’s a great way to celebrate making it successfully through another week when everything is weird.  So, pick one night, it doesn’t have to be Friday, when you and the kids go all out…at your own place. Bring out the nice dishes for dinner, serve the kids sparkling juice cocktails, use cloth napkins and put candles on the table. Drop off invitations for everyone in the family in the morning and make it “dressing for dinner required.” Put on your fanciest clothes, you could even paint each other’s nails, and maybe try a little something special for your hair and for your kids’ hair too.  How about a sleek ponytail with a fancy ribbon? Or gelled and slicked back?  Or even a sophisticated-looking hair bun… it’s actually a lot more doable at home than you imagine. Check out this tutorial.

Watch and learn: How to do a bun.

4. Have a Heart Day.

It’s been proven that doing simple acts of kindness can make YOU feel better. These days, when there’s so much to be stressed about and so many people are having a hard time, it’s a great opportunity to teach your children this lesson. Designate one day for the family to wear your hearts on your sleeves (or on your t-shirt or your hair) and sit down together for a half hour or so to write “Thinking of you notes” to friends or family to mail to them. Or you could bake some cookies or brownies together, write anonymous notes (“from someone who ‘Hearts’ you”) and drop them off on your neighbors’ doorsteps. This would also be a great time to try a little heart braid at home.

Check out this Heart Braid tutorial: How to do a heart braid. 

Not only are these kinds of activities something that could lift everyone’s spirits, paying a little attention to self-care and haircare is good for everyone’s self-esteem and energy levels. But, what might NOT be good for your kid’s self-esteem is a botched haircut. So, you might want to leave that to the pros at KidSnips. We’re open and keeping things safe and comfortable for everyone as we all navigate the pandemic. And you can find all the things you need to help you get the fun hair happening at home – hair glitter, temporary hair color, hairbands, clips, bows, headwraps. All from kid-friendly and respected brands.  We also have some really good detanglers – because tangling happens, right?

Fun hair products available at KidSnips

Fun hair products available at KidSnips!

Make an appointment and stop in soon. And be sure to check out how we’re keeping things even cleaner and safer at all our locations, as we all deal with COVID-19. Check out this very important info to know before you visit us, here. You can learn more about us here and the ways we give back here.

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